Thank you for visiting our website.  We strive to perform the most thorough and unbiased Home Inspection possible for our clients.

Your Home Inspection includes a complete analysis of the following systems and components. The report provides you with detailed facts about the property that you are considering purchasing. You will receive valuable information that will help you make a wise and informed decision. 

We are trained and qualified to inspect single family dwellings, multi unit complexes, commercial buildings, mobile/manufactured homes, condos/townhouses, and log homes.

  • Roofing: Attic, structure, coverings, flashing, skylights, vents, chimneys, gutters, skylights, and other roof penetrations, insulation, ventilation.
  • Exterior: Siding, trim, eaves, soffit, fascia, exterior doors and windows, decks, porches, railings, garage door & safety components.
  • Lots and grounds: driveways, walkways, grading, drainage.
  • Interior: walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, stairs, fireplaces.
  • Electrical system: service entrance, grounding, main panel, subpanels, branch circuits, outlets, GFCI’s, main service disconnect, service amperage, breakers, fuses.
  • Structure: basement: crawlspace, foundation, footings, columns, floors, walls, water penetration, foundation movement, insulation, ventilation.
  • Plumbing systems: distribution, drain lines, fixtures, vents, traps, functional flow, functional drainage, main water shutoff valves, water heating system.
  • HVAC systems: venting, combustion, supply and discharge lines, ductwork, registers, controls, thermostats.
  • Outbuildings


Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors3e02c739-b4d4-42c9-a96e-9fd0e218efae


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