Inspecting tile roofs

Tile roof houseMany new homes built today have concrete tile roofs installed, and a large number of roof replacements on older homes are now being upgraded to tile roofing material. Unfortunately, the majority of these tile roofs have installation defects, many have major defects requiring the removal of large sections of the roof and re installing the materials. Roofing  installation defect repairs average $1200 to $3400 to correct if you had to pay for these repairs out of your own pocket. It is not unusual on new installations that major sections or even the entire roof must be removed and re installed due to installer error.Tile roof

City and Municipal Building Inspectors do not inspect tile roof installations; in fact most
do not even carry a ladder on the job site. Regrettably, most Home Inspectors also do not
inspect tile roofs and defer them, or they may attempt to inspect them from the ground
with binoculars or from a ladder, this is risky at best and some defects cannot be observed
without the inspector actually walking on the tile roofInstalling tile

North State Home Inspections has undergone specific training and certification by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors to evaluate the installation of and conditions of tile roofs.Installing tile on roof

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