Do I need an inspection?

  Importance of a Quality Home Inspection 

A home inspection conducted by a qualified inspector gives the buyer detailed information about the overall condition of the home, including quality of construction and the remaining life of the components such as the roof, heating/air conditioning system, foundation, electrical or plumbing system.  Also, this will help identify potential health and safety issues. A proper inspection report identifies items needing repair/replacement, provide time frames for remaining useful life of other systems.  This inspection can also signal the need for a more in-depth inspections by specialists, such as roofers, electricians, engineers or plumbers.  

Buyers should not rely exclusively on their own observations, disclosures from the seller,  home appraiser or another family member’s opinion.  An experienced home inspector is knows what to look for and provides a detailed report of their findings.   New construction typically has more problems because it has not been “test driven.”  Since new homes include a one-year head-to-toe warranty, a thorough inspection if recommended after being signed-off by the building department.

Home inspections are cheap insurance compared with the cost of rectifying a latent problem. Other inspections a buyer should consider

  • pest inspections for dry rot and insect infestations
  • fireplace (if applicable)
  • well and septic system inspections.(if applicable)

Remember, buyers ultimately have the responsibility to determine what “as is!”


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