Seller’s Guide

Sellers have their homes inspected prior to placing their homes on the market, and for completely different reasons than buyers,  and with more benefits to them.

  • A professional inspection report provided up front, as a supplement to the seller’s required disclosures, puts the seller in a stronger negotiating position. It also provides for a smoother transaction, with increased trust, and less headaches and anxiety for all parties.
  • By having the property inspected up front, the potential for surprises is greatly reduced. Fewer surprises mean less opportunity for disagreement, and less likelihood that the transaction will fall apart.
  • It can also reduce negotiating points, and bypass annoying delays in the transaction.
  • A listing inspection also tends to avoid the undesirable situation of the seller having to negotiate repairs within the limited escrow period.
  • Since the property is not listed or in escrow, the seller can negotiate repairs any way that they wish, including doing the repairs themselves.
  • By having repairs done up front, the home will show better, and may draw a better price.
  • Even if they intend on selling the home as-is, the inspection report can serve as a valuable tool to help set and negotiate a realistic and competitive sales price.
  • Many homes that have been occupied by the same owners for many years have undergone extensive modification. A pre-listing inspection will reveal whether or not that work was completed at a level consistent with industry standards of the time.
  • By obtaining an inspection up front, the seller demonstrates good faith in carrying out their required disclosures. Their pro-active efforts communicate to the buyer that they are willing to disclose something rather than hide it, thereby paving the way for smoother and more agreeable transactions
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